Monday, 13 February 2012

Ubisoft Turned My City Peshawar into a Video Game

Now U.S troops having firefights on the streets of Peshawar in coming game.F*** Ubisoft, Look how they're showing us as terrorists!" Psychological warfare being a central pillar of the 'fourth generation warfare' to portrays Pakistani nation and pathans as a terrorists. Psychological warfare Aim to weaken the advantaged opponent's will(will to fight, belief in victory).

The Ubisoft was showing off some new gameplay from their upcoming Ghost Recon Future Soldier. The game has a level set in Peshawar.The Ghost Recon team made the map look real.

The area where the game's firefight between U.S forces and terrorists takes place looks like the Saddar area of Peshawar which is also known as the old Pesahawar. I can tell from the architecture of the buildings, from the look of local vehicles—including the buses, rickshaws, and local cabs—and the appearance of the civilians.

The gameplay clip I saw has shows so many things that feel like real Peshawar to me. The first thing that hits you in that area of the city is the traffic. It's very congested. The old buildings in that area are so closely knit that they're merged together. That's a sight we all know.The random minarets in the blue sky, The colorful buses are a trademark to Pakistani public transportation, so it looks like a complete picture with them. The odd jharokas in the upper stories give us a glimpse of our heritage past and decaying. And let's not forget that peshawaris aren't the epitome of good taste! So the unusually-colored walls and doors are also quite recognizable.

Peshawar - Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Gameplay

I live in Peshawar. I play video games in Pakistan.For a moment, watching this, you do actually feel like you are Terrorist in Peshawar. This is all from the gameplay footage, of course. Imagine how it would feel when you are actually playing the game and kick your a**.

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