Wednesday, 22 February 2012

BLA Terrorist Barhamdagh Bugti supports US bill on Balochistan

Barhamdagh Bugti, separatist leader and founder of Baloch Republican Party (BRP), has  said he supports US Congress bill, espousing self-determination for Balochistan. BLA terrorist & CIA & India asset Brahamdagh Bugti calls for American & Indian invasion of Pakistan to capture Balochistan. He hides in Geneva, financed by Washington & New Delhi. As a reward, pro-US govt in Islamabad is granting MFN to India.Talking to media via telephone on Wednesday, the Baloch leader said with the tabling of US resolution on Balochistan, the matter had now become integrity of Pakistan. Talking about the proposed All Parties Conference on Balochiostan, he said the elements responsible for atrocities on Baloch people were now convening the APCs. He said that situation in Balochistan was not hidden from any one and nobody paid heed towards the province’s aggravating situation over last two years.

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  1. Balochi Bahi ko Es Kadar Majbor kia gya k wo Aj Non-Muslim Nation Se, Muslim Nation Se Nijaat Ke Le Awaz Buland Kar Rah Hen Kia Koi Muslim Nation Ya Muslim Country Es Mamley Men Bebas Hen, Jo Masla Pak Army Kharab Kare Tu Koi Siasat Os Maasle Ko Solve Nai Kar Sakta Shahid Es Le Es ka Koi Solution Nai Ha.