Friday, 6 January 2012

Agartala Conspiracy was real - admits Mujeeb's daughter

Bangladesh Leader Admits India Conspired To Invade East Pakistan,Mujeeb’s daughter admits her father was a traitor, says Indian helped him raise an Indian-backed terror militia that raped and plundered in order to malign Pakistan Army

India’s advocates in Washington and London have argued for years that Pakistan is the source of tension with India. They conveniently forget where it all started: the unilateral and unprovoked and premeditated Indian invasion of Pakistan in 1971, preceded by careful planning over two years to recruit a terror militia and spread violence and mayhem to engage local Pakistan Army units in East Pakistan, paving the way for a direct Indian military invasion, which was a one-sided violation of international law.  India is an aggressor in the South Asia region.  Pakistan’s policymakers are right in demanding a mindset change in New Delhi for peace to prevail. Readmore here

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